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Sādhanā & Oranges

Laughing Buddha

Why Sadhana? A lovely word. Pronounced SAdhana, emphasis on the first syllable. Sadhana is, in short, spiritual work; it’s what you do every day to draw yourself closer to the Divine, God, Goddess, the Universe, or whatever power it is you acknowledge as divinity. The sanskrit word comes from the Hindu tradition and in that context has certain expectations. But I’ve come to think of Sadhana as something anyone can undertake in a way that both honors where they are in life and the higher power they have faith in.

Why oranges? All over the world, oranges are a common offering to the divine.

And why this site? Here, read this first:

Bright Cans of Beans On Fences For Shooting – by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

There’s a sensation to every cessation of sensation
and a cessation to every sensation

at which point Laughing Buddha and Weeping Sufi
at the actual borders of things and events
bow or turn in galactic directions as a light blue

wind blows around them

There’s an eventual event of invincible eventuality
which is in itself an invincible event

at which point Laughing Buddha and Weeping Sufi
board a train leaving for Buffalo with bag lunches and
small books to read as the bright red landscape passes

There’s an original origin to every orange
from which every orange originally originates

Laughing Buddha’s face breaks out in a huge smile at this
that seems to take into its arc all the known and
unknown worlds and

Weeping Sufi takes the orange in his twelve hands and
peels it and gives some of the juicy sections to
Laughing Buddha some to a very old man to
his right and a very old woman in front of him and some
to several wisdom children of all colors to his left
and behind him and hundreds more sections to everyone circling the
circumference of the globe even unto the clouds

And there never seems to be an end to it that he
can tell as he continues peeling and
distributing original orange sections

with each blip of the beat and each new
original orange that comes into being is my daily offering, a slice of orange offered to the world. To the divine. To you. And to me.

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